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Join One – Enjoy All!

🍷 Uncork a World of Exclusive Experiences with a Wilson Artisan Wineries’ Wine Club Membership 🍇

Are you ready to elevate your wine experience to unprecedented heights? Imagine sipping on the finest award-winning, handcrafted wines, curated exclusively for the discerning palate. Welcome to the world of Wilson Artisan Wineries — where wine enthusiasts like you discover a world of passion, sophistication, and sheer delight.

Your membership journey begins by selecting your home wine club. This is the winery from which you’ll receive your wine club allocations either 2, 3, or 12 times per year. Select from our boutique wineries including Wilson of Dry Creek, Mazzocco, Matrix, deLorimier, Pezzi King, Soda Rock, St. Anne’s Crossing, Rockpile Vineyards, Greenwood Ridge, Jaxon Keys, or Coyote Sonoma. With no fee to join, you are simply committing to purchasing a selection of wines a few times a year—and with this commitment comes an exciting list of benefits that can’t be topped, available to you at all 11 of our wineries.

Club Member Benefits

🍇 Exclusive Access

As a member, you’ll gain access to limited-production and member-exclusive wines that are nothing short of extraordinary. Savor the flavors of these meticulously crafted gems, often unavailable to the general public.

🍷Free Tastings & Wine Discounts at All WAW* Affiliated Wineries

Embark on a wine journey like no other with complimentary signature tastings for you and up to four guests at your home winery and our esteemed affiliated wineries. You’ll enjoy preferred pricing on our exquisite wines, delightful merchandise, and unforgettable wine experiences. Taste and explore the world of Wilson Artisan Wineries without breaking the bank. Members have a built-in discount of 15% to 30% depending on their club tier. Taste your way through all of our wineries at your own pace. Experience the richness of each unique terroir, crafted by our award-winning Winemakers.

🥂 Invitations to Members-Only Events

Picture yourself at the heart of wine country, enjoying exclusive events and gatherings that only Wine Club members have the privilege to attend. Sip and savor at members-only winery events, where you’ll connect with fellow wine aficionados and create unforgettable memories.

🛎️ Member Discounts on Our Artisan Lodges Accommodations

Extend your wine country getaway with preferred pricing on accommodations in Healdsburg at the Grape Leaf Inn, Calderwood Inn or Camelia Inn, in Cloverdale at the Pinschower Inn, at our selection of vineyard estate houses, or at our exclusive Troncones Mexico Villa. Experience the charm of wine country living to the fullest.

🌿20% Savings on Spa Treatments

Relax, rejuvenate, and pamper yourself with an exclusive 20% discount on spa treatments. Unwind in style, knowing that your membership brings you more than just exceptional wines. Locals in particular may enjoy this perk, as it’s not tied to an overnight stay—come on in for an afternoon of pampering.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the epitome of wine excellence. Join a Wilson Artisan Wineries’ Wine Club today and open the door to a world of exceptional wines, unforgettable events, and extraordinary privileges.

Visit the member page of any of our websites to enroll online—or, email if you have specific questions are team can answer for you. We are happy to help connect you with the perfect home club for your unique wine preferences.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please inquire for details.